GEM Blockchain Hackathon 2017 – the largest challenge-driven event of the year

Blockchain – the hottest technology of the year is considered as a milestone for a new technology revolution.
Blockchain is cementing itself as its own, incredibly disruptive, entity. Blockchain has the potential to transform industry operating models.
GEM, as enthusiastic as we always are when we face new technology, cannot stay out of the game.
Our management team understand the desire of our developers and the importance of staying on the edge of technology.
The Hackathon is now opening for registration.

GEM organizes a series of blockchain training events

Provide a series of trainings and sharings regarding to Blockchain and emphasise on how we can build blockchain-related projects to solve business problems.
The first section will cover the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including the three core layers of a blockchain and the three types of blockchains.
The rest of the series will include