ChartNotes is an app which allows for an easy and secure way to store and manage the user´s health data on his/her mobile device (iPhone or iPad).

The solution enables:

  • Saving multiple profiles, e.g., saving the children’s records along with those of the primary user
  • Keeping tracks of medications, vaccinations, eye prescriptions and other relevant health information
  • Connecting with pharmacies to help them provide accurate vaccination and prescription services
  • Receiving notifications of the need for revaccination
  • Printing or emailing a record to school or HR department


The development of an app used to store and manage user´s health data was already started and was performed by more developers. When GEM took over, first we had to deal with previously done mistakes in the development. Given the purpose of the app, the solution had to work impeccably – data had to be available on a user's device fast and at all times, for emergency situations


After thoroughly revamping the software, we solved all the issues caused by previous mistakes in development and brought the solution to full functionality. Now the data between devices gets synchronized even if at any moment the connection is lost, and encrypted cloud backups make sure that the sensitive data is safe from cybersecurity threats.


The application works more steadily, providing users with stable and secure access to their health data.