Seminar: Traps and tricks of SQL database query optimization

At the seminar about SQL database query optimization, our expert Giap Tran Dinh presented advanced techniques that enable writing powerful queries for performing complicated searches and sorts on the data.

The programming language, SQL (Structured Query Language), is regularly used by developers for writing data integration scripts and by data analysts for setting up and running analytical queries. The language seems to be easy to learn and use, but its apparent simplicity can be deceptive. Two similar queries can vary significantly regarding computation time, and not all database functions necessarily operate with the same efficiency.

Giap Tran explained what it means on the specific example. He showed the participants 5 lines of code that caused the server to go down and got his whole team in trouble. He asked everyone in the seminar room to detect the problem and fix it. It took some time and a couple of wrong answers until one participant came up with the correct solution. The same solution helped Giap Tran´s team to solve the problem and decrease the query processing time by 6000%! The secret was in the way the searches were optimized.

The seminar participants could learn a lot about how to use a wide range of advanced SQL techniques with confidence. Giving a live example from practice was the most positive moment of the event.

About the lecturer:

Giap Tran Dinh is an experienced software developer and technical specialist with more than ten years of hands-on experience. For the last seven years, he has been holding the position of Project Manager, leading GEM´s teams through various demanding projects. The last project that he led was especially challenging - GEM took it over from the US company who didn´t manage to find an appropriate solution, while Giap Tran and his team successfully completed the task.